Augusta Golf Show Blog: Everyone’s Doing It


Almost to a person, once someone finds out what I’m doing with my golf they say,

“Are you doing a blog”

“No” I respond, “I’m trying to fit all of the other duties into the schedule”

I know that they’re right, and I’ve needed to do this, I’ve just, like many things in my life just had to “make the time to do it”, so here goes…

I’m very much looking forward to planting myself on the couch this afternoon and early evening to watch the final round of the HYUNDAI Tournament of Champions.  With it damp and ALMOST fifty degrees outside, nothing could be better than the pictures flying through the air from Kapalua.  I’m looking forward to it, I’m just not sure why I’m doing it TODAY.

I seem to remember the Monday finish was because of football, or better yet, avoiding football.  I can’t remember if it was the NFL or Bowl games but it was to avoid the collision.  Well, times have changed, there’s now a College Football Playoff, and that game will be played TONIGHT, possibly colliding with the end of the final round.  Whoops…as much as I will enjoy sitting down this afternoon for the final round, I’m very well aware that many fans won’t.  The coverage will start while many are ending the workday…then getting home, settling in, having dinner, putting the kids to bed, and only then, getting ready for some…………!  My guess is many fans will simply forget the golf is on…

So, as good as the idea was a few years ago, like many things, it’s outlived it’s usefulness.  Let’s the final round of the Tournament of Champions back to a Sunday finish, in prime time, a little later in the day.  They wrapped up play Sunday at about 9pm eastern time, 4pm on the islands, surely we can stretch that a bit (just ask the powers at Augusta National how to do it) and take it a little later in the day, closer to 10pm eastern time, after the football of the day, and before heading back to work on Monday.  Televised golf has thrived when shown in prime time over the last few years, let’s get back to a great Sunday night finish.  Oh, and see if it’s possible to get Tiger, Phil and Rory on board too!


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