Let’s Be Careful About Getting Caught Up In The Moment

So I’ve listened with interest to many of the talking heads following Russell Henley’s impressive victory in Hawaii

Most have maintained a cool and calm head when discussing the future of this young man

Some have not, already projecting how well he will tackle the shots needed at Augusta National in April

Let’s slow down here a bit

Yes, his victory was very impressive, fun to see, and in many ways inspiring

I wish nothing but the best for his future

I do however, have a feeling that we are very close to seeing the kind of thing he did become the norm and not the exception.

When we do, we’ll be able to put his performance in the proper perspective

Because he will not be the only young phenom accomplishing such feats

The young players today are more talented then their predecessors

That might truly be the legacy of Tiger Woods

The twenty-somethings of today only know of Tiger Woods

Of his margins of victories in majors

Of his six iron from the bunker in Canada

Of his second shot on that second day of the PGA at Hazeltine

Russell Henley is not alone

Begin to remember the names

Langley, English, Kohles, Spieth

They are the future

And the future is now!

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