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New Ryder Cup Rules: The AGS Blog

the credit for these changes should go to former PGA of America President Ted Bishop and to 2014 Ryder Cup Captain Tom Watson. Bishop’s lack of communication when it came to making the choice of Watson, and Tom’s lack of communication during the event lead to the eventual American defeat and these changes.

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The Augusta Golf Show Blog: Being Unprofessional

We’re not supposed to have a favorite, we’re not supposed to root for someone to win. As a broadcaster its unprofessional, as a human being I find it sometimes, impossible.

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Augusta Golf Show Blog: Everyone’s Doing It

So, as good as the idea was a few years ago, like many things, it’s outlived it’s usefulness. Let’s the final round of the Tournament of Champions back to a Sunday finish, in prime time, a little later in the day.

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Vijay Should Be Suspended, Now: The AGS Blog

The game has always been about honor
There have been many times when the players of the game have not been honorable people, or the doers of honorable things, but the game has always been about honor
That’s why Tim Finchem, the Commissioner of the PGA Tour is now facing a tough decision, a decision of honor

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Let’s Be Careful About Getting Caught Up In The Moment

So I’ve listened with interest to many of the talking heads following Russell Henley’s impressive victory in Hawaii

Most have maintained a cool and calm head when discussing the future of this young man

Some have not, already projecting how well he will tackle the shots needed at Augusta National in April

Let’s slow down here a bit

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I’ve learned that I’m not that good at new year’s resolutions, just witness the blog post below this one, but for business purposes, “blogging” is something I really should do on a more regular basis…so, “no time like the present”

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Resolving to do this more in 2012: The AGS BLOG

I speak, I don’t write. But, I’ve resolved to do this more in 2012, because it would appear to be another one of those baby steps one needs to take in this fast changing business environment. So bear with me this year, hopefully it’s something on which I will improve as the year goes on.

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Another Win For Stevie, I Don’t Think So!

Stevie’s quick chat with David Feherty was terrible. He came off looking awful. Saying that it was the “best week of his life”, and that he had won over 140 tournaments. There are many times that just because you think something, doesn’t mean you should say it out loud. Adam Scott’s wonderful victory has been completely overshadowed by Williams’ comments. I think it would be refreshing, although not the most positive thing if Scott would send Stevie packing again. Telling him to calm down, get over it and maybe we’ll talk when you seem to have settled down. The way Scott played, he would have won the BRIDGESTONE with me on the bag. It might be a good lesson for all concerned.

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Jack Nicklaus was NEVER the best player in the world!

It occurred to me on Sunday, as I was watching the final round of the US OPEN, and as NBC had a phone conversation with Jack Nicklaus about what Rory McIlroy was doing the field, that the man with the MOST Major championships was never the number one player in the world. He wasn’t for two reasons, one, there were no world golf rankings in his prime, but even if there had been, Jack’s schedule would have precluded him from rising up the ranks to achieve that position. Gee, a system where the greatest player in the history of the game, was never the greatest player of his time.

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What Ever Happened To…..

In that space, much has been written and much has been said about the “next” generation of golfers, the ones in waiting, the ones claiming the crown. I contend that many if not all of them are busts.

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  • On The Show This Weekend!

    This weekend, we continue looking back on some of the best conversations of the year. We start by talking to Suzy Whaley, the new President of the PGA of America.  We’ll revisit my conversation with NBC Sports’ Johnny Miller on his impending retirement.  And, ESPN’S NCAA Basketball Analyst, Jay Bilas on his love of the game
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