Another Win For Stevie, I Don’t Think So!

So Sunday night, we had to suffer through an insufferable interview, surprising as it was with Adam Scott’s caddy, Steve Williams.  I understand how the powers that be wanted the “get”.  Stevie has not spoken much in the last decade, unless you were on the course, behind the ropes, snapping photos of his boss…THEN he did speak to you, and just like after the final round of the BRIDGESTONE, it wasn’t very pleasant.

Why can’t the people associated with Tiger Woods, or the people who at one time were associated with Tiger Woods get this right.  Every time anyone in the Woods camp opens their mouth, they get it wrong.  It’s not that hard, especially when you’re revealing things and telling the truth…but there in might be our problem.

Stevie’s quick chat with David Feherty was terrible.  He came off looking awful.  Saying that it was the “best week of his life”, and that he had won over 140 tournaments.  There are many times that just because you think something, doesn’t mean you should say it out loud.  Adam Scott’s wonderful victory has been completely overshadowed by Williams’ comments.  I think it would be refreshing, although not the most positive thing if Scott would send Stevie packing again.  Telling him to calm down, get over it and maybe we’ll talk when you seem to have settled down.  The way Scott played, he would have won the BRIDGESTONE with me on the bag.  It might be a good lesson for all concerned.

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